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6th International Conference on Chemical and Biological Processes (ICCBP-2017)
11-13 July 2017, Best Western Hotel Mayorazgo, Flor Baja, 3-28013, Madrid, Spain


Professor Dr. Jim Farrell graduated from Stanford University in 1993 and joined the departmental of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucson USA. He recently received the Environmental Science and Technology Excellence in Review Award. His research interests include contaminant transport through soil and groundwater and abiotic transformations of chlorinated solvents.Contaminant transport through soil and groundwater, abiotic transformations of chlorinated solvents in groundwater environments, mechanisms and kinetics of organic contaminant adsorption/desorption on soils and sediments.



Dr. Ela graduated from Stanford University in 1998 and joined the department later that year. He was a recipient of the Outstanding Faculty Member Award and a faculty mentor for the NSF-DOE summer FaST program. His research interests include water and wastewater treatment operations and hazardous waste site remediation. 

Strategies for benign disposal of arsenic wastes, technologies for sustainable inland desalination and salt management, purification of trace contaminant impaired water, water and wastewater treatment operations,aqueous particle-particle interactions and interfacial chemistry, geochemistry of natural aqueous systems, instrumentation and process technology development, hazardous waste site remediation.


Dr. Barney P. Popkinreceived his PhD in Soil and Water Sciences and MSc in Hydrology and Environmental Engineering from the University of Arizona. In addition to Hydrology/Groundwater Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Quality Policy Act, Dr. Popkin completed programs in Sanitary Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. He has certifications in Integrated Solid Waste, and Hazardous Materials Management from UC Berkeley

He is a registered Geologist and Environmental Assessor in the state of California, AIPG Certified Professional Geologist, California/EPA Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner, and OSHA Hazardous Waste Site Operator & Supervisor.

Dr. Popkin lectured at many universities including the San Francisco State University, University of Arizona and Asia-Pacific University in Vancouver, and has published more than 100 technical articles in professional journals and proceedingsDr. Popkin has more than 30 years of demonstrated experience in environmental arena including investigation, assessment, regulations and management, health-related impact studies for infrastructure development projects, economic analysis of environmental impacts cost valuation of environmental natural resources deterioration, assessment of public health and disaster prevention and mitigation.

He completed over 70 major environmental assessments for agricultural, airports, harbours, bridges, roads, hospitals, housing, industrial parks, power plants, schools, solid waste, water and wastewater projects in Afghanistan, Egypt, Gaza/ West Bank, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and over 20 in the USA. He completed more than 150 projects in Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Latin America and the Caribbean for the USAID,World Bank, others donor agencies and trained over 3,000 U.S., host-country staff and implementing partners in environmental engineering and management. His experience includes coordinating, design, implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation of water, wastewater and sanitation, and solid-waste initiatives and emergency responses in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Maldives, Pakistan (Kashmir), Philippines (Bicol, Mindanao), and Sri Lanka for the USACE, USAID and several others.

Dr. Popkin worked on water-systems and wastewater assessments and evaluated urban water-resources supply, quality, and management, and assessed urban and peri-urban water-distribution, flood-management, wastewater, and sanitation practices in Amman (Jordan), Cairo (Egypt), Damascus (Syria), Kabul (Afghanistan), Kathmandu (Nepal), 15 Indian States, Port-au-Prince (Haiti), Kosovo, and Sonora (Mexico) for ADBFAOUSAID, U.S., Geological Survey. Heexplored and developed over 14 sustainable water supplies in the U.S., Asia, Middle East, Mexico, and Eritrea for municipalities, NGOs, USAIDWorld Bank, and quantified water resources and water budgets, discovered fresh groundwater supply, evaluated potential mega-watershed water supplies. He developed groundwater management plans to mitigate land-surface subsidence, designed and implemented watershed and roof-top water harvesting systems. He was also involved in remediation of contaminated water resources and water and wastewater treatment for reuse and evaluated effectiveness of wastewater treatment plants.